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Just went to a local dealer that have an audiolab 8000AP. It's basically a bare-bone almost featureless processor. Basically there's only two hdmi inputs and no component input. There's also no HD sound decoding; your blu-ray player does decoding and sends the signal via PCM. There's no video processing; it's straight HDMI pass thru.

I know that conventional wisdom say that it's better to do processing at the processor level as opposed to at the player. However, it I'm using a high end blu-ray player, why do I want buy another layer of decoding again? Also, if I'm a playing blu-ray are there any processors that can improve the video signal? Even the Krell 707 does a straight pass-thru for 1080p/24 signals (ie. it makes no improvement). So if I'm only watching blu-ray why should I pay for the video processing part of the processor. The advantage of leaving out so many features is that that in theory it should be easier to built something with cleaner sound with lower noise floor (not mention a lot cheaper).
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