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Default The best sounding DVD-Audio title of all time - Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section

I owe this find to my friend Bob Stuart, the founder of Meridian. This Japanese release is 24-192 DVD-Audio and in stereo and if I were to have ANYONE over to my house and played them audio from my system - it would be this one album.

Recorded in 1959, this would be my first bit of evidence to argue with Mark Waldrep about the importance of getting GOOD back catalog music into high res formats. No, it doesn't have that new recording ZIP he can get on his AIX records but at 24-192 and EVEN with the limitations of 1959 recording equipment - I can make the hair on the back of your next stand up with this recording. I love AIX and what they do but I want ALL music up to this standard. Labels have a responsibility do so, I feel.

Here is the challenge to you... I GUARANTEE you this is the best Jazz disc you have ever heard. The question is - how can you find one? I got mine from Japan. Can you source one of these? If you can - treat it like it is gold because it is. If you find an online source - post it here!!!!
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