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Exclamation Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Matching can be huge.

Certain speakers NEED more power. Others do better with amps with certain characteristics.

A top dealer will help you find what you need. Just be sure that if he lugs over a bunch of Krells, Levinsons and Halcros that you don't just go buy them used on and screw him over. Its that kind of stuff that makes dealers ONLY want to sell "custom" and NOT keep listening rooms which are so important for audiophiles.
In any serious audio system (stereo or surround), component matching - particularly amps to speakers - is responsible for 45% of the sound you hear. The other 45% is contributed by the room / furniture acoustic, leaving just 10% from primary media sources (CD, DVD, SACD, LP, MP-3, etc).

The very nature of most speakers is to exhibit a complex range of electrical variations with respect to impedance, capacitance, and inductance. As such, no amplifier built thus far can completely control these complex relationships 100% of the time, and for each and every speaker identically.

Invariably, certain combinations of speakers and amplifiers work and sound better together - that is, the combination produces a more musical and more inviting & realistic illusion. Still, some people have rooms that are completely wrong for sound reproduction because the architecture contributes counterproductive acoustic components. Other than acoustic treatments, the solution is to find a speaker that mates to the room and creates a convincing sounding illusion. And this necessitates also mating an amplifier (or amplifiers) to the speaker / room combination.

This is one primary reason why (for better or worse) BOSE can produce a consistent speaker (and amplifier) system that mates well with the largest portion of the buying population's expectation - who, sadly, are happy if it plays loudly and cleanly while being essential invisible.
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