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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by TDC Genesis View Post
What do you think of braided CAT-5 cables? Are they "lossless"? Where can go to I learn how to make them? I am learning, building and upgrading my system.

Anyone who uses Radio Shack cables and actually thinks that that is an ok thing to do has no business designing anything. All the cable haters here who think it is snake oil, do yourself a favor - Go to your local high-end specialty retailer and ask to hear a comparison of one brand's cheapest cable and that same brand's best cable on the same system. If you can hear a difference - and if you are open to this at all you will - then you must concede that there are smaller but real differences all the way up and down the line.

People who say cables don't make a difference are the same people who say that digital is "just 1s and 0s". These people should be locked IN Radio Shack and not allowed back out.
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