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Default Re: Star Wars on BluRay: Where the heck is it?

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Clearly, this set of six Star Wars films is going to come out on BD at some point.

But with great 1080P24 HD digital masters (some looking and sounding better than others) already created, and a market hungry for the next great film cycle in HD - What is the hold-up?

(And where are the Raiders films - Also LucasFilm Ltd.)?

George, please, are you listening?
I think many are wondering the same thing. Instead of paying hundreds of millions of dollars to studio executives, the blu-ray folks should have just given Lucas a couple hundred million in exchange for releasing all six movies in the blu-ray format. THAT would have ended the format war overnight and assured blu-ray's success.

Why the man who started THX and whose biggest gripe with the industry is the lack of quality and consistency in presentations, won't release his films in the best format available is a mystery. Remember it was only intense public pressure that even got him to release the movies on DVD for crying out loud. Otherwise, we'd still be waiting for DVD, let alone blu-ray.

I also don't get why the LOTR, Matrix, and the Indiana Jones movies don't also get on board. THESE are what will get people excited and buying the hardware and software to make this format really go.
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