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Default $10,000 Question


I am about to create a new audio/video system. I just moved my main audio system out of the living room into the newly created music room and I have to replace it. I have budgeted $10K to do this.

I think I have settled on PSB Synchrony Ones as the front speakers ($4000+ a pair) and I am budgeting $3000 for the Monitor (Probably a Sony Bravia XBR but possibly a Kuro, both around 50"). That leaves around $3,000 for the electronics.

I have gotten some great feedback on the necessity for equipment that is HDMI 1.3 capable (thank you) so I am rethinking my original idea to get Parasound Pre/Pro and Amp that are on close-out sale at Audio Advisor (The Parasound 7100 doesn't support HDMI and won't, according to Parasound's Richard Schram, who was very cool and more than happy to answer my questions) ( I wish I could afford his new JC2 Pre amp and power amps for my main room).

Now I am thinking of the Integrity Pre-pro, which everyone seems to love, but I haven't seen any comments on what amplifier to use with it, no one seems to mention the Integrity Amp, is there a reason for this?

What amps have people used with the Integrity?
Does NAD, another brand that seems reasonably priced, compare? (The T175 and T975 pre and amp combination)
Both the NAD and Integrity give me the Audyssey Equalization system.
Should I be looking at a different set of components altogether?
Should I be looking at a different distribution of how I intend to spend my money (I must add that the Synchrony's did really blow me away)

The system will be a two channel system to start with, with mixed usage (serious audio listening as well as our only video system, so audio quality and video quality are both very important). We will likely add more speakers over time as we learn more about multi channel but want to make sure that our new system is not an enormous let down from the newly moved old system which is in a different part of the house.

Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

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