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Default Metallica "Black Album" disapoints on DVD-Audio

In the AV editorial press, I might just be the biggest fan of Metallica in the entire press core. Since my days reading Thrasher Magazine to unsuccessful attempts to kill off my hearing with cover bands playing their music - I have been into the band.

This DVD-Audio title had the ability to lure REAL rock fans into the format but the audio is substandard. The surround sound mix is good but the highs are shrill and the dynamics are just not there in the way you might expect.

Even if you like the disc - WEA never released any more titles so real fans have NOWHERE to go after playing this one disc. Did anyone ever ask if after spending at least $1,000 on a player, $200 on cables and getting a new surround sound receiver for a good $1,000 - is ONE Metallica record worth the investment? For most it wasn't.

Some AV nuts love this record. Do you?
Jerry Del Colliano
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