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Lightbulb Re: 5.1 music with NO picture

Originally Posted by oblio98 View Post
I prefer music in surround with or without a picture. The picture is a throw in, as far as I'm concerned. People are used to "looking" for video for a live concert presentation, but for studio DVD-A/SACD/Quad stuff, the picture is not required. Most of the time, people are moving around when listening to music anyway.
I personally listen to music-only programming with no additional picture added, but rather a colorful and programmable array of LED spot and flood lights. This allows for both continuous and uniform white lighting, as well as colorful processions of colored light that enhance the mood.

Yet, I appreciate decoding mono and stereo recordings (even 5.1, 6.2, & 7.1) over my 8.8 surround system, as it allows for a substantially more immersive and realistic experience from just about any source.
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