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Seems like all these 3rd party black box EQ solutions introduce another A-to-D then D-to-A conversion step. This one only does 24/96.

Shouldn't someone build an EQ solution that takes an HDMI 1.3 bitstream in and then does the decoding and processing all in the digital domain? Save one D-to-A conversion at the end.
It is all but impossible today to buy a receiver or pre/pro that does not have exactly this built in, plus it is much cheaper that way. I am most familiar with Audyssey in an Integra DTC 9.8, which I have had for about 8 months. It plus an Oppo 980H displaced reference-grade 2-channel components costing about 8x as much. Most of my use of it (85%) is with hi-rez multichannel music rather than movies or TV. I love it, and Audyssey is as great a technical advance as I have ever heard. It worked exceedingly well for for me from day 1.

Of all the equalization schemes out there, I am impressed with the credentials of only 2 of them: Audyssey and Anthem. I do not think all of the other proprietary schemes out there are backed with nearly the amount of research and experience with listener preferences that these 2 are. Audyssey is available in Denon, Integra, Onkyo, NAD and some Marantz models plus some speaker systems from Wisdom, Phase Technology and SVS. With Anthem, it is an option in their D2 pre/pro.
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