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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

this subject is hotly debated on others forums,in fact one forum is up to 150 pages!right now all you can say is wait till this sr hits the market,then make your judgement.
toshbia is blowing smoke right now,and one issue is audio and video thing,this is not upconvert technology,this sr,if its even works will ''look like'' hd,in fact nasa has been using it for years.,but this what toshbia claims!
to me ,it won't work with moving images,but still images does look ''hd''.its done by layering 9 frames together,how that is suppose to work i have no will use mpeg2,just like dvd,and its a post process,but you'll need a new player to get sr,or [suc].my main point is people think this is upconvert technology,its not,it is a atemp by toshbia to take a sd dvd and make it look hd.sounds wild to me to,but then so did hd dvd and blu-ray back in 2000.just for the record i'll support blu-ray true 1080p hdm.this reminds me back in the lp record days they took a song that was recorded in mono and in post production made it stereo.we called it fake stereo and thats what it sounded like,so may be the case with sr[suc]

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