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Default Re: Laser Projectors

LED or laser as a light source will definitely be "the next big thing" in home theater, though a technology like Sony's light-valve makes better use of laser's advantages by "sweeping" the beam from left to right over the screen with a pivoting mirror (basically the world's perfect contsant height projector).

But any PJ design could benefit from LED or laser by improved color spectrum as well as some other enhancements for single-chip DLP projectors which could cycle colors on the chip without a color wheel which wastes light and causes strobe-like pauses between color flashes during "spoke time" (rainbow artifacts) with LED the light source would instantly change color over the chip by virtue of being able to instantly turn on/off. You could increase the RGB cycle time to the point where there are no rainbows at all.... yet get all the clarity and convergence sharpness of a single-chip device.
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