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Default Led Zeppelin Live on DVD-Audio

Want a good reason why DVD-Audio didn't take off? When Atlantic Records puts out a Zeppelin record - they make it a live recording with nothing going on with the surround channels. Why not release the entire catalog or at least the early stuff first to see how it sells. Just from the VAST fan base of Zeppelin fans - they would have flocked to buy the records over again ESPECIALLY if there were added value goodies like songs that may or may not be found on upcoming releases such as this How The West Was Won.

Can you imagine if Atantic stuck a rare track as an added value in with a NICELY redone Zep record on a limited edition basis - just how much more popular the format could have been? Mainstream consumers might have bought a DVD-Audio disc JUST to find out what the hype was about. Instead they released B-list and C-list titles and you know the rest of the story.
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