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Default Re: Mark Levinson Launches the No502 Media Console

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Still, I know this piece will just about blow everything else out of the water. But that pesky thing with the HDMI 1.3 -well, what is wrong with the whole industry. Can't they figure it out BEFORE it comes out? Or at least make updates available via direct download connection.?
Well said Jeremy,

I have had so many mid-fi units work flawlessly with HDMI 1.3, but I too am frustrated b the slow and erratic adoption of the technology. I certainly hope by CEDIA we have many high end companies with pre/pro's that do all the new codecs, I really WANT a Meridian 861, but I am starting to doubt that will be coming any time soon....

In the mean time, it is good to know ML and Krell are putting out new pre/pro's, even if the 502 only will process PCM, I suspect it's analog section is smokin' good!
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