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Default Re: Mark Levinson Launches the No502 Media Console

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
HDMI 1.3 for this is the sticking point.

Their argument is - make the player do it as ALL of the chipsets convert to PCM inside anyway.

My argument is - tell the people that somehow for $35,000 they don't get the LATEST technology (the Nigel Tufnel effect) and see how upset they get.

With that said - I still want one
OOOPS, there it is Jerry!! That has always been my issue. As you and kenny know. I`m sure the sound and switching and processing are superb. But to not have the full complement of codecs, like the Denon or the Integra, makes no sense at all. There is no justifying this.

Makes absolutely no sense. $35,000, and compromises have to be made.
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