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Default Re: Is Rear Projection dead?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
How thin are they, I would like Laser projectors that should be really cool.
Here is a good pic showing the depth:
They are about 10" deep, and can be freestanding or wall mounted. They use half the energy of an LCD and have twice the color range of current HD displays. LaserVue might breath new life back into the RPTV market temporarily, however I think Mitsubishi is too late to bring these to market.

Flat panels, especially improved, LED-backlit LCD's with darker blacks, etc. will be here soon. When new production facilities are up and running, next year, they will be turning out LCDs twice the size of today. Then in a couple more years OLED's will likely be perfected. RPTV's and plasmas are both doomed.

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