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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

sure,i think toshiba is like a child do not accepted the reality,blu ray discmeans sony is a winner and sony has launched the blu ray ver.2.0 in playstation3 and some models blu ray machine all the company's in japan if never loose the honor right but anyway toshiba is loose the honor already to make the abort of nature hddvd,i think toshiba try to revibe hddvd encarnation again with dvd format 1080p upscale but in my own i say nuts to do that i recommended toshiba continues to make a updated the hddvd machine existent that's it last updated is december,2007 to febrary 2008,people i say sony has the 85% of buisness in the world i hope is not coming another technology or another format to try to declare the war to sony like microsoft [ bill gate is retired ] ok but doesn't matter microsoft try to make another format in the near future,i invite folks to research or search more information to the new format to try a make microsoft like 1440p it's ridiculous refer january 2008 in the different audiophile and home theather magazine or another forums for discuss this theme,i don't know and i can't remember.??????????
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