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Cool Re: The Godfather Trilogy goes Blu

Originally Posted by rex View Post
On the downside, the Godfather movies will only be available in Blu-ray as a box set—at a whopping $119.95, double the price of the equivalent DVD set.
Unsain just don't buy them if customers refuse to pay these obnoxious prices they will have to come down look at what is happening to CDs, who wants to pay this much money when you can rent for less than a dollar a movie on a netflix or BB plan.

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Note to the movie studios: If you really want us to start buying Blu-ray movies, cut out the price gouging.

Originally Posted by rex View Post
"Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings," and "Indiana Jones" movies) that could finally give Blu-ray the momentum it needs to really take off.
Not if the prices are so high then it will take much longer, I refuse to spend more taht $15 on an old movie and $20 on a new one. I would rather rent it, and wait six month until the price is $10 and then buy it if I really like it
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