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Talking Re: A Movie on Your TV at Home, Before You Can Rent It

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Personally, I just will not go to the theater anymore. Nothing gets me out with the masses. I will wait for the Blu-ray and watch it in my theater. That's why I invested in it and its how I enjoy the room. If they want my money sooner - they know how to get my $$$...j
I could not agree more with these statements. Forget the multiplex my home theater has better seats, sound, pictures and company and is a lot more convenient. On top of it unlike the multiplex, it doesn't stink, no sticky floors, overpriced drinks, uncomfortable chairs and kids screaming because they are in a rated R movie, obnoxious people eating hot dogs and the list goes on...

"Blu Ray rules 1080p image with killer sound DTS Master Audio or DD True HD who could ask for anything more."
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