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Default Blue Man Group on DVD-Audio: Vegas understands the importance of surround sound

Why is it that Vegas understand the importance of surround sound but the major labels can't see it. Vegas booms with new billion dollar properties springing up everywhere yet the music industry sucks out loud with lower sales numbers every year. The Beatles Love is a hit in surround as is the Blue Man Group both on a disc but come from the inspiration of the live show.

Who knew beating on PVC pipe could be so musically exciting? But it is.

I saw the Blue Man Group as a guest of DTS a few CES' ago and while I am not one for Vegas shows (I don't do buffets either) however I gotta say they really nailed it. The event was visually dyanamic with audio to match. Never was it too over the top loud but the sound was powerful and impactful. With a good system at home - you can get the same audio experience from the DVD-Audio disc.

Read the Richard Elen review here:

And share your experience with the Blue Man Group both live and on DVD-Audio with us here.
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