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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

IMHO Toshiba is acting like a spoiled little brat that did not get its way. They lost and now they are going to stomp there foot on the ground and say "I refuse to offer a Blu-ray player, I refuse to offer a Blu-ray player".

So instead of taking there lumps and then offering a Blu-ray player they think it is better to try any undermine the company that beat them. Because if Toshiba can not have there royalties from DVD and HD-DVD then they do not want Sony to profit from Blu-ray if Toshiba can help it. Now honestly is this the way a company acts to preserve its honor in Japan? Because I am sure there are plenty of Japanese companies that are ashamed. The only thing Toshiba is going to do is to cause other CE companies to back away and not want anything to do with Toshiba. Toshiba needs to co-exist with the other CE companies and who is going to want to deal with Toshiba with them acting the way they are.

I was going to upgrade my HD-A1 even though HD-DVD lost but after seeing how Toshiba is hell bent on hurting Blu-ray. I will drop that purchase and I will not even give a Toshiba 1080p display the chance of ending up in my HT. I will be looking to upgrade my current HDTV to a bigger display that is a native 1080p. So not only is Toshiba going to loose the sale of upgrading my HD-DVD player but I will not buy a Toshiba 1080p display. And I will not buy another Toshiba product and will not recommend any Toshiba products to anyone else.

I heard rumors that some thought Toshiba was going to do a scorched earth tactic when it realized that it lost the HD war. And if this is the way Toshiba is going to behave and treat other CE companies. Then I do not need to make another purchase of anymore Toshiba products!
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