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Default Beach Boys Pet Sounds on DVD-Audio - can you make an old-school record work in 5.1?

There is a camp that thinks that it is simply impossible to make a surround sound recording work with pre-8-track recordings. EMI set out to prove that they could with the classic from the Beach Boys.

At the time, I had hoped this would lead to more archival recordings from the mid-1960's such as Are You Experienced? Axis Bold as Love, Led Zeppelin I, II and III, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Peppers and so on... Clearly, that never happened.

Do you think the labels didn't push to get more important music into surround because they didn't want to deal with the artists and their estates? Or because they didn't want to pay more roylaties? Or because they didn't want to invest the time and money into trying to remix their archival music for high res formats?

What say you on this matter?
Jerry Del Colliano
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