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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Though I don't know why for sure. Nor do I understand the difference with plasmas which don't suffer from motion blurr even at slower refresh rates like 60Hz. Puzzling isn't it?

Plasma's do not suffer from motion blur at all. This is because of their pixel structure has an instant response time. Either the pixel is on, or its off. As for LCD's with the backlight being constantly on, each pixel has to turn off, block light, and process incoming signal and turn back on, and I think this has something to do with the pixel [trying to] block light and process an incoming signal and turn back on. I think it is moreso noticable on larger displays of > 46". A 32", 37", and 40" I believe are the optimal screen sizes for LCD's where motion blur is minimized, but when the screen is larger, as in 46", 52", 57", 70", ect, the tiniest of details are amplified, and we see them more clearly, or blurry in this case.
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