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Default Re: Does any 7.1 AV receiver have selectable rears in 5.1 mode?

SMS, I thought I would let you know of a way to do what you want, but its probably not what you where thinking.
I currently know of no hardware receiver that can remap channels on the dolby decoder. This is probably possible with one or two of them out there, but so far, having control like that can only be achieved with software.
I use a software program called AC3Filter for win32 platform, it lets you adjust all the parameters of the decoding-encoding process to your hearts content, and that includes remapping channels. I really love it for the control it gives me, something you will never find even on $2000+ receivers. Hardware receivers tend to assume the end user is stupid and wants to hide all the control from you.
I use my PC as a media center and pipe the video and audio from it, which allows me to have complete control over audio mapping and filtering and video enhancements. Plus, I love having a PVR that isn't controlled by my cable company.
Sorry to disappoint, but if you find a receiver than can remap decoder channels please let us know, I would love to have that feature.
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