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Default New Surround Sound Production Music Library

Hello all.

My name is Michael Marsh and I'm currently working as a marketing intern at 5.1 Music Inc, a new music library company based in Chicago. Our music library is one of the first libraries entirely available in both 5.1 surround and stereo platforms. Feel free to listen to our music and view our website at

What sort of advice could you give a new music library company specializing in surround music production? How do you think we could best get the word out about our music library? So far, we've been calling video and film production houses around the country and we've been sending them DVD surround demos of our work. Are there better, alternative ways to reach media production firms and independent filmmakers?

We've been making some incredible music. All of our music is made almost exclusively with live instrumental recordings and we make sure that our production quality matches or beats anyone in the industry. Our music library is still small, with 8 DVD/CDs out and 2-3 releases per quarter, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

As we are still a new company, our music library would not replace a primary stereo music library, but would rather serve as a supplemental library to provide filmmakers superior and enhanced surround music recordings. We're offering a variety of affordable and flexible licensing options such as annual blankets, royalty-free, and needle-drop to meet any company's individual needs. Moreover, our creative composers will also readily collaborate with filmmakers to produce any specialized music that their work might require.

Advice would be greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to send any of you additional information if you would like to hear more about 5.1 Music Inc.

Thank you.

Michael Marsh
Marketing Intern
5.1 Music Inc.
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