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Default Re: New Receiver Help

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Does it help? Yes, is it worth adding another receiver to do it? Likely not. I went through the bi-amp to tri-amp to fully active, adding amps did make a change, but not like going active.
I re-read my post and wanted to clarify....

I personally run a 5.1 system, so for me, if I have bi-wirable speakers, I will always bi-amp them rather than let the other two channels of amplification go to waste.

If, as it seems in your case you'd need more amps/receivers to do this, I doubt it is worth it, but you will have to decide, try it both ways, and see if it is wrth the extra $$ to you, it is very easy to bi-amp the fronts with most receivers nowadays, but please remember to remove the jumpers when doing this!!!
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