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Default Re: New Receiver Help

Originally Posted by MTIVIN View Post
Is your denon set up wired or wireless. I didn't know if the wireless speed would mean you get a clear internet radio, or if it would break up and be choppy.

My set up will be 5.1 in the main room with a stereo set up in the living room. Do you see any real benefit in bi-amping the front L & R studio 100s, or is this even possible?
I have the 3808ci so it is a wired connection, I have 1 cable from my router going to a hub for all my home theater gear.
Yes bi-amping is possible (you will lose a zone though) but my dealer told me not to bother when I asked about it.
I asked about doing bi-amping with Paradigm studio 20's though, you may get more benefit with the 100's or with the 4308's better amps.

Maybe someone like Kenny will have a better answer to that question.

Edit, I see Kenny just beat me to the answer!
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