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Smile Re: Problem with MY Denon 2910 DVD Player

Originally Posted by wilkofbm View Post
This is concerning a continuing problem with my Denon 2910 DVD player. The problem is the player does not always load DVDs. By that I mean their are instances where the player will stop or give up and not load the movie. Resulting in me having to either turn the player off or opening the tray and trying to reload it that way. Sometimes the player will load the movie but will start it in some random chapter. I sent the player back once already to a Denon service center but upon its return the problem continued. I'd appreciate any feedback someone might have.

Thank You
I know you have already sent your player to Denon, but have you tried calling them via phone. I see if you can get a tech live over the phone and trouble shoot with you live. If they offer that service, that might be more useful and get quicker results.
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