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Default Re: Turntable shopping.. any help?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, several hours on the phone and I think I have it resolved......

I am going to add a side part to my AudiAV Crystal rack for the TT, phono-preamp and a good two channel pre.

I am thinking of going with;

Avid Sequel TT
SME IV arm
Dynavector XX Mk2 cart
Sim Audio LP5.3 phono preamp

Yeah, I know, not a cheap rig by any means of the imagination.... But I suspect if I am not happy with this setup, I shouldn't be in vinyl!

It will take a couple weeks at least to get the rack made and then get the TT set up and shipped, so I should be rocking this rig by mid July if all goes well. Somehow, as always, I went well into 5 figures for this venture.

I'll keep you posted as things progress, and for the mean time, I am off to shop for vinyl.... once the stores open!

I like the BlueCircle BC 707 phono preamp, VPI Scoutmaster turntable with a Koetsu Black Cartridge. Really nice big sound stage with extended frequencies and no coloration.

Here's a link to the Blue Circle review:

The VPI ScoutMaster has a nice upgrade path and their customer support is great( my experience). You can start out with a reasonable setup and go nuts upgrading. Plus if you hate it then it has great resale value on Audiogon....

Another thing to consider are the interconnects you will be using between the turntable to phono preamp to the preamp.

We're dealing with really small electrical signals so sheilding is a consideration.

Hovland and Graham make some really good interconnects for your proposed analog setups.

I'm using Chimera Advantage II interconnects that are really nice. Sold direct. I let a friend audition a pair of mine and he bought some...

Just some of my thoughts.
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