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Default Re: Panasonic DMP50 in stores

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Reviews of this have been disappointing.
Why is it so hard for someone to make a BD player at least as good as the Toshiba HD-DVD players?
So far none are as good as Toshiba in terms of audio decoding, load times, and upconversion capability.
Well I think the PS3 is as good if not better than the Toshiba hd-dvd players, they will play all the new lossless codecs & while the video may not be the best it is very good & the load times are the best around.

The thing is the war has only been over a few months & now that there is only one format many manufactures have had to shift gears.
Those that were making dual format players had to scrap them & start over & others are gearing up to release 2.0 players & trying to get them at a price that will be attractive to the masses.

You have to remember Toshiba was selling a heavily subsidized player at a loss & that was one of the things that killed them in the long run, no one else wanted to take that much of a loss so Toshiba was basically going it alone.

I hope around CEDIA there will be a bunch of new players released, the Sony BDP-S350 & BDP-S550 sound like they will be nice players & Onkyo & Denon should have something new soon & hopefully a Sony ES player as well.

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