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Default Re: Should I buy a Samsung HL67A750?

With a little dickering I was able to get a Samsung HL67A750 at my local Best Buy for $1,789. Vanns had a better price than Amazon (which since my last post, actually increased) and they were including free delivery plus a free Harmony remote. The manager at Best Buy (with a little convincing) was willing to match Vanns' price plus deduct the price of the remote (which I didn't want) and the price of delivery. (BB's original price was $2,499.)
In case anyone else is interested in this model, I found out that although it runs at 120Hz, it is not capable of 5:5 pulldown; however CinemaPure (TM) technology interpolates the inserted frames instead of just repeating them for a "smoother" picture. Actually, the main purpose of the 120Hz is to support 3D capability. Each eye sees every other frame at 60Hz. Of course, you have to have a movie that supports this, and wear the special glasses.
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