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Default Re: ML 502 Media Console

Originally Posted by Captain Stereo View Post
By that rationale, it doesn't matter if you have a world-class power supply, hand-picked parts, a chassis that is completely resonance-free and made of aluminum, and an engineering staff that is one of the best in the world and dedicated to true high-end long as you can decode TrueHD & DTS-HD Master Audio, eh?

I am not saying it would not be nice if all the high-end stuff could incorporate the latest features into their products....
What I`m saying here captain, and kenny knows were I`m coming from is, Meridian, Mark Levinson, Classe, etc. make great pieces of gear. However, they almost always seem to lag behind when it comes to the latest that YOU NEED for your system to sound and provide what is best.

I have a real issue with that. You wanna be the best, charge the price for it, then don`t give me any excuses. And I have heard the rationale. Sure, maybe the new Denon pieces and the Integra do not have that last or nnnnnnnnnnth degree of sound, but as kenny and Andrew can testify, the sound is real good, and your in Blu-Ray heaven today!!

Also, this is not the first time these companies are on the outside looking in. Even our receiver brethren this time around, have the codecs.

No, I`m sorry, step up and be complete. At these price levels, there should no compromises.
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