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Default Re: Purepower keeps getting my recomendation


Thank you! I thought it was just me for a while there that had customer service issues with Pure Power. I think the bad customer service is just when you try to deal direct with them for any issues. They don't see your face in front of them, so you don't really exist.

When I was trying to get the unit after about five months I e-mailed a question as to buying a unit from them and how long it would take. I immediately received a response with a follow up from a vendor who could sell me one and was told I could get it with in the week. I wonder how the authorized retailers of Pure Power deal with the lack of customer service. Would I have had better service if I had purchased it from a vendor instead of winning it as a prize?

And by the way, The Kipnis Studios, what a shamless plug for product! But I like it! You respond to potential customers in a way that shows customers are important. If Pure Power took care of it's customers you couldn't do that. Thank goodness you can.
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