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Exclamation Don't Settle for APC PurePower!

Originally Posted by wes View Post
My dealing with them has been a disaster they have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

I basically canceled my credit card and returned the unit.
Don't settle for the cheesy APC units, anymore!

Instead, try this:

The MGE Pulsar EX RT 2200VA Rack-mountable Tower UPS; its more powerful and the output quality is just as good if not better; and you can buy two for $3000. (Not all UPS's are made equally, this particular one is classified as a "full-time online, sine wave out, Uninterruptable Power Supply".

The MGE and many other full time-online UPS' all do an AC to DC to AC conversion using switchmode power supplies on the input (ac to dc) and class D amps as inverters on the output, dc to ac; yielding a very quiet, pure, low distortion, low source impedance frequency accurate signwave. In the case of the MGE, less than 2% THD+N under nearly full load (3KVA) for the three units I've measured. There is nothing inherantly "noisy" about the process in a properly implemented system, except for the cooling fans -- you really don't want these UPS units in the room with you and your music.

There are no specs on the PurePower site showing full load distortion of their UPS systems; all I do see is the usual hyperbole and obfuscation of what the underlying principles of the product are: namely, an online UPS packaged for the audiophile consumer, with some nominally quieter fans; 17dBA, (noise figure for the cooling fans, not the amount of line noise attenuation) which is quiet compared to a video projector, but I still wouldn't want it sitting in any of my listening rooms.

So, again don't settle for the cheesy APC model, especially if their customer service is in question!
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