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Default Re: Purepower keeps getting my recomendation

I have very much enjoyed the quality of my video since I added a Pure Power APS1050. I do however question the customer service that they provide. I have repeatedly tried to e-mail customer service and one individual in particular (who started to help) and have not got responses back (after three months).

I know that I should not complain because I was a prize winner of this from this web site. I was contacted quickly about the prize and was assured I would get UPS confirmation when it shipped and I was to receive a unit in BLACK. Now the story starts with six months (no joke) of waiting for the prize. I had e-mailed maybe once a month to ask the status on this. I got a lot of excuses that I was missed for this reason or that but no real solution, just that it was coming. Several attempt to contact them got no response back.

The unit arrives (after six months) and they sent me a SILVER unit. A call to Pure Power and they send me a new face plate in black but for the wrong model (the 700). A email gets me a response, that they thought they were all done with this order. But that they will send me out the correct item. It has been about three months now with multiple e-mails and no one responds. The faceplate may not be a big deal since it works fine. But for insurance purposes I really don't know how I can be insured for the amount of a 1050 when my pictures show a 700.

My concern is that if I were to have any serious problems that Pure Power would not take care of me because they can not take care of a simple matter quickly (or at all).
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