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Default Re: New Aperion Audio speakers

They say only about 2% return the Aperion speakers. I'm part of that group. The customer service was outstanding, the build quality was impeccable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

The problem was that it was not the sound I was looking for. These speakers sounded awesome for music with a nice sense of depth and width to the music. To achieve this I felt that the mids were a little recessed. I like them a little more forward, like my JBL Studio S412PII's but just a little less bright.

I had just listened to the Revel F12 towers and the C12 center and felt this was more in line with the sound I was looking for, so I just bought these instead.

Sound is very subjective, each person needs to determine what will work for his needs. But I can say give a listen to the Aperion's because you really have nothing to lose. They may appeal to your taste.
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