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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers


Nope, still must disagree, but I see more your rational for your statement.

I think the design of the speaker and crossover are more important the numbers of types of drivers ('Ways').

Case in point, I'm currently am running a pair of two ways fronts, that go from 18Hz to 50kHz, and have clearly demoed them at 20Hz using Chesky's 5.1 heartbeat sounds @ 20Hz, and yes, they will do it and to sizable volume. I have had three and four ways not come close to reproducing this tone, and these speakers exhibit an exceptional balance across the frequency range, and also have the fastest sound I've ever heard.

In general what you say about better range coverage is true as you step up in ONE line of speakers, but it is not accurate when comparing different speakers to any degree, and this can be proven from the extreme end of the spectrum as well, a good Lowther driver single driver speaker can have very good range and balance, except for the extremes, which many four and five ways also will lack in.
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