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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Um, I have to disagree with this statement.

In general, the more 'ways' a speaker is, the more difficult it is to make the speaker balanced across the spectrum and the crossover gets way more difficult, causing a loss in efficiency usually. I have had four and five ways and even two ways, many still hold true to single driver speakers, at huge cost. Clearly their is debate at best on this topic.

I think generalizations like these are dangerous, particularly to a newbie how doesn't have the years of experience in this field.

I think you are looking at how many, though certainly not all, speaker lines increase in 'ways' as you progress up the line, and you are extrapolating that thus this improves sound, and I think this is an inaccurate step of logic.
You are absolutely right about generalizations. My point in my explanation was to provide some background on speakers. I am a DJ / Producer, so I know ALL about sound quality, as it is ESSENTIAL in my field. As far as my studio system, I have different sized monitors, different sized subs, and crossovers to cover every frequency possible of music.

My approach was more budget-friendly, for people who don't have tens of thousands to invest in equiptment of the sort. And for that reason, yes, generally, a 3-way alone will sound better than a 2-way alone because the built-in crossovers send certain frequencies to certain drivers, leading to more accurate sound.

Just think of the contrast. You have a 1-way as a center...... Example..... Vin Desiels voice is deeper than lets say Jessica Alba. So in this case, yes, a 2-way will sound better than the 1-way in the sense that the tweeter will balance out the frequencies in voices.

Another example, a bomb dropping.. Imagine the sound of the bomb dropping through the air (high frequency sound), then the contact with the ground (lower-mid-bass) and the rumble of the ground after the impact (low frequency). 1-Way? won't handle this much of the spectrum. 2-Way? A little better, because the bass goes to the woofer, and the snare goes to the tweeter. 3-Way? Could possibly be a tweeter, mid-range, and woofer (see how we're separating the frequencies so each driver has a task rather than one driver having more responsiblilty?)

Think of it as a workplace. Lets say... a real estate agency. One agent, managing a business (broker), keeping track of records (secretary), and showing property (agent).
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