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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Thanks Ttone! That was a good reading. Regarding budget, I would say everything seems expensive :-) - specially when prices are twice in India and incomes 1/10 of that in the US. However, there is another option that sticking to a budget - build a system over a period of time.

Originally Posted by Ttone305 View Post
I found that as far as quality is concerned, the more "-Way"'s the speaker (2-way, 3-way, 4-way, ect.) the better the sound. So you might what to have a pair of 6 1/2" 3-way speakers running between 150 and 300 RMS for your higher mids and high frequencies, a pair of 10" subs running at 250 RMS for mids, and a pair of 15-or-18" subs at 400-600 RMS for your rubbling, earthshaking bass.
Does it apply to front towers or for surrounds as well?

Also - how to figure out the speakers' power ratings? Some speakers mention continuous and peak power figures. So I guess the amp headroom should be above peak power?

Some one in a forum told me that there is nothing like a speaker's power rating!

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