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Cool Re: My Wilson audio based system

Originally Posted by Sharp 1080 View Post
It never ends does it? This is my present setup. I'm still trying finish the room with draperies but keep buying more equipment! Jerry, If you're reading this yes I bought the JL's after all!
Cool system, I love that JL Audio Fathom F113 sub there is not a single piece of equipment in my system that has made such an improvement.

Just watched 10,000BC on blu ray and I thought the Mammoths were coming through the walls.

I agree I also am looking at new equipment

This is on my short list to buy

- Classé SSP-800 after the new codecs are in
- a second JL Audio Fathom F113
- a second Classé CA-5200
- Sony BDP-550 when it comes out in the fall
- Wadia iTransport or Apple TV when the hard drive gets bigger.
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