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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

Originally Posted by hodedofome View Post
To follow-up what Moosepond said the Kaleidescape was $3995 on the PREVIOUS dvd player model. It is now $4300 with all the new Gennum processing they are doing. You are paying mostly for the media streaming portion, just the streamer alone is $2995 so really they are charging $995-1300 more for the dvd player/ripper. Denon is still charging $1500-3800 for their high end dvd players and Meridian is charging an arm and a leg so it's not out of the ordinary considering the market Kaleidescape is selling to. They are coming out with blu-ray support next year and I wouldn't quite put them in the same group as Toshiba. Toshiba is trying to sell to the general public while Kaleidescape is selling to VERY VERY high-end home theater/automation clients. There are features in the Kaleidescape that nobody else has so when you have no competition you can charge what you want
Kaleidescape is tailored to the very high end market not aficionados like us. It is a bare no cost type of products people who buy Kaleidescape have no budgets just loaded with $$$$$$$ and they could care less of the price just the best that is all they want.

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