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Default Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I use the G98, the newer version of the 598 and it is an amazing machine, especially ran through Meridian's proprietary digital feed to my 861v4.

I always drooled over the CD12, single, small box that could do so much so well.... I heard the Nagra @ HE2007 and it sounded incredible, drawer was noisy but I suspect that was a problem with the show sample. For SACD I love the EMM Labs gear, does great on redbook as well....

I suppose at this level, all are good, it's just what sound you like best. Now, how to put them all together for an extensive A-B.....
Now you are talking Dr. Ken, that we be the ultimate for me. All these players, in one room for us to demo. We need to get that one done. I`m not familiar with the EMM Labs gear. And unfortunately, never had an opportunity to hear the Nagra gear. I missed it at HE2007.

Jerry, are you listening - to get all this gear together in one place............
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