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I am considering getting a Parasound 7100 Pre/Pro. I am setting up a new system that will be an audio system that plays video rather than a video system that plays audio. I will likely be using the Parasound 5125 amp, both of which are on sale at Audio Advisor. They would be driving a pair of PSB Synchrony's. This is likely to remain a two channel system for a little while, perhaps grow to to center channel and a sub (depending on Synchrony base characteristics, and we are likely to put a second zone in for another room). It is not likely that I will be able to get the full 5 or 7 channel set up in this room. I will not be moving to BluRay for a while (let the prices and content settle down), I will add a 1080P monitor driven by a DVD and HD-DVR Dish Network (both of which I would connect through HDMI directly to the Monitor--probably a Sony Bravia KDL XBR4).

My questions are: How much am I limiting myself by getting slightly older equipment, rather than say the Integra, especially if I don't really care about HDMI switching in the pre/pro (I guess I should ask if I should care about that). Also, does anyone have info on how the Parasound's sound. PSB's sister company is NAD and they suggested that I look into that as well, but the NAD and the Inegra's both are very ugly looking (Wife Acceptance Factor).

Any opinions?

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