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I heard Proac speakers when I was a teenager (version 3 or something like that) and they blew me away. It was at a dealer in my neighborhood in Philadelphia called Chestnut Hill. The dealer's name was Community Audio. They are still there and sell all sort of odd, high end AV stuff. I bought a Naim 8 watt integrated amp there as a 17 year old. Loved it. They also sell Linn which sounds great.

I have had the good fortune to have owned a number of Levinson amps and you are right - they rock. Like a Mercedes, they are polite yet high performace. They are responsive without being too balsy. I have also owned Krell which are more Ferrari-like and also very enjoyable. i think the Krells are more fun and have deeper bass. The Levinsons are more ballanced overall.

Mark Levinson No. 436's and Wilson WATT Puppy v7's make up my reference. I just wish I had my other kidney back from that auction on
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