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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

The consumer market showed obvious signs of being burned. In the past six months, I have not seen the size of the BD section grow any larger, muchless take over the space left by HD DVDs in places like Walmart, Circuit City, or Best Buy.
Quite the opposite. The war ended during a normal down-cycle in the market, and now that the annual cycle is coming round again, BD sales are actually up significantly over combined HD sales this same time last year. So much so that the buzz at the Home Media Expo in Vegas last week was about the almost startling adoption pace that BD is now experiencing... which outpaces DVD in its same point during its lifecycle.

Regardless of what corporate actions did or didn't get us to the point of a single format, over this coming year anyone who continues to pretend that the consumer market hasn't benefited from a single HD disc solution is merely playing Toshiba's game of baseless claims out of spite.

Agreed, however, that if Toshiba gets criticized for making false claims about the inability to distinguish upconverted SD material next to optimally mastered 1080p native material, that Kaleidescape should receive the same criticism. Hence my original post.
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