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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Yeah, I think I'm headed in that direction. I may buy the sunfire, cary or arcam av8 (just added to list as I heard it's really good) in the interim while I wait for an avp2+6 (I like dvda music videos, so I need the +6). I've heard great things about the Parasound C2, but it only allows analogue bypass via one set of balanced inputs. I want to eventually run the Esoteric through it, which is OK since it has balanced output, but I also run a Sonos unit via a BelCanto Dac2, which I am sure is better than the dacs in the C2. With the C2, as with the BelCanto ssp300, I only have one balanced stereo input with bypass (unless I can use the 7.1 analogue input for 2 channel sources). What I like about the Cary, Sunfire arcam and Proceed is that I have the option of using any analogue input in bypass mode.
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