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Post Re: Please talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

I LOVE crt hdtv's! Especially for gaming.Let me also tell you that AUDIOQUEST YIQ5 or VOODOO component cable kick the living crap out of ANY hdmi cable ive seen,and ive used them all:audioquest jeans.wireworld.ixos.MIT.EVERYTHING.And I can honestly say voodoo and audioquest is way way way way better.Better color,clarity,sharpness,hue,and on down the line.So dont worry about hdmi.Its OVERRATED BIG TIME.Not to mention I get better resolution with my s-video(audioquest s5)on standard def channels than i do via hdmi.MONSTER is coming out with a m2000 series hdmi that can supposedly output 1440p and 1.3 not to mention over 14gbps for you gamers out there with a xbox 360 with hdmi.Im morbidly curious about that.So in conclusion,a GOOD CRT HDTV is almost as good as a plasma ALMOST.AND,it is more energy efficient than a plasma or an lcd.Look it up.So for the price and with the right set of component or dvi and interconnects,if you can get a Loewe 38" for $300 to $600 dont be a FOOL,jump on it you wont be dissapointed!Until organic liquid crystal comes out Pioneer plasma and Sony lcd now with 120hz are the absolute kings.
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