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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Word is that Theta is alive and well under ATI, and will be coming out with new unit by end of year. Of course, that was from a Theta dealer. Basically, I've got around 5k-6k at most to spend. I can possibly do one of the following (all used):

1) get a proceed avp or parasound C2 and an Esoteric dv50

2) get a theta cb3 or meridian g68 and an oppo

3) get a classe ssp300/600 or Belcanto pre/pro and an arcam dv139

4) get a (new) sunfire tgp5 or cary cinema 11 and a an esoteric ux3 (maybe> may have to drop down to nuforce avp16/17 depending on cost of ux3)

What do you think?
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