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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Originally Posted by jeffkad View Post
Still thinking about what to do, which is always a dangerous thing with me. The longer I think, the more it costs me! So after further review, though mot saying I won't ultimately go for the Sunfire or the Proceed AVP2+6, I'm starting to seriously consider the Meridian G-series and the Theta Casablanca 2 or 3 (either superior or extreme dacs) as possible endgame alternatives. In both cases, I would believe that I would have one of the best processors going, and would also have best dacs/digital setup so as to forego the need for a top line CDP/DVP (ie, the Esoteric dv50). Both of these units have absolutely "gaga" reviews, and seem to be everybody's reference for comparison.

What do you all think? Would love some opinions or experiences with these pieces as compared to what I was originally considering.

Personally I wouldn't go near a Theta as their future is anything but certain. A wise man once told me "Blue chip! Blue chip! Blue chip! Resale should always be a consideration."

If you can afford it go with the Meridian, but the DV-50 DAC's still sounded better
to me than the 861's for music. YMMV.
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