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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

What I find interesting about the original post is that, after claiming that customers and the press were unhappy with Toshiba's current direction, the article goes on to show a blatant bias against Toshiba. While on one hand complaining about Toshiba's statements about SD DVD upscaling technology and quality, and specifying the literal limitations of the process, it then goes on to praise Kaleidescape's technology which is essentially doing the same thing. This bias makes me automatically suspect the objectiveness of the author's reporting.

It would be like me saying, "I can't believe that my neighbor's sone is allow to own a dog, that's no better than slavery. My son, owns a dog, and it shows that he cares about animals." Same situation, but obviously biased and therefore renders both statements moot.
VHS 'won' the VCR war because of the consumer, in spite of the fact of Sony's beta having higher quality.
Blu-Ray 'won' the war through corporate strong arming in spite of the fact that consumers had bought far more HD DVD players. Blu-Ray had more proponents fighting for it in the early adopter market (a limited but zealous market) and deals were made based on that. It is clear how consumers feel about it now by the significant drop in sales of BD machines and disks after the fray was over. The consumer market showed obvious signs of being burned. In the past six months, I have not seen the size of the BD section grow any larger, muchless take over the space left by HD DVDs in places like Walmart, Circuit City, or Best Buy.
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