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Default 2008 Sony ES receiver lineup released

2008 Sony ES receiver lineup released.

From Engadget,

Say hello to this year's warmed-over line of Sony's ES 7.1 channel audio/video receivers. Now-standard features in the line include a PS3/PSP-style xross media bar interface, 1080p Faroudja DCDi upconversion, a slew of audio codec support (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, dts High Resolution Audio and dts HD Master Audio) plus Digital Media Port connectivity to hook up iPod or Bluetooth adapters or satellite radio. The higher end STR-DA4400ES packs a 120-watt amplifier, six HDMI inputs, HD video output to two zones and audio to three zones for $1,500 when it debuts this August. The STR-DA3400ES and STR-DA2400ES both include a 100-watt amp, four HDMI jacks, the 3400 includes an IR repeater and support for a second video zone with its $1,000 price tag, while the 2400 drops those features and includes a basic interface for $800 next month.




I wonder if Sony will ever go Denons route & release a killer Pre-Pro & Amp?
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